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Proven Geo Diverse Agility with Geo Diverse Resourcing 
Build your future today that supports your PSAP needs
Removing the Geographical Restrictions to allow True Geo Divisity with each install 
Enterprise IP Geo-Diverse Local, Hosted and Remote Hosted Configruations included in every install
Customize your install to meet you COOP Plan
Real-time uninterrupted connections 
Continue to scale or share resources through GEO-Resourcing and Mobile positions
Let us work with you to build the solution to meet your needs
True Geo-Diversity Difference
CBX 911 is a Enterprise Network IP Solution utilizing today's technology 
With every CBX 911 customers have Geo Diverse options. The CBX 911 architecture was designed to provide a wide variety of Hosted, Remote Hosted, Local, Virtualization, and disaster recovery options. As a network based solution the CBX 911 solution can be scaled out with ease while allowing customers to geo-locate their equipment across multiple domains. What this means to a customer is with every install the primary and secondary servers can be separated and reside in different locations. When multiple counties are involved each county can house the secondary server for the neighboring county or counties, or in another location or a data center. At CBX 911, we work with our customers to build the architecture that works best for them regardless for example if it's a spoke and wheel, local  install, or a hosted data center environment..