CBX 911 Solutions are customized to meet your needs
CBX 9-1-1 has an extensive number of features and abilities that are designed to provide the customizations you need for your PSAP
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Geo Diverse Architectures

The CBX 911 Solution was designed with a variety Geo Diverse architectures all your needs
The CBX 911 customers are please when introduced to the wide range of Geo Diverse architectural options, which are considered for every implementation. With CBX 911 each customer can split the redundancy across multiple locations, regions, states, counties or another PSAP. With these types of options each county can easily meet their emergency management planning while create an environment that will provide them with the highest degree of redundancy and reliability. With multiple counties using the same system, CBX 911 Solutions all a wide range of resource sharing, call management, call routing, and much more to provide options that are not available by any other solution.  
Integrated Phone System (SDK)
CBX 911 SDK allows the seamless integration of core components into third party applications with ease
With CBX 9-1-1 each component was developed with the ability to be easily integrated into other third party applications. This ability provides users with an easy means of incorporating a complete phone system, Ali, dialer, call routing, remote Ali spills and much into any application. In addition with CBX 911 customers can utilize the multiple SIP Headers to dynamically build information that can be delivered with the voice to any location through a call transfer or simply an inbound attachment. 
The CBX 911 was built with the end user in mind 
The CBX 911 User Interface was designed with the end users in mind. By replicating the same look in feel as a phone, users enjoy working with a pleasant and easy to use system that supports a one-click environment. 

Easy to Use
Training Users Quickly 
CBX 911 supports a variety of training methodologies that suit your specific PSAP's needs
CBX 911 has made the utilization of our solution very simple to use, understand, and therefore training is simple too. By implementing an easy to use phone interface combined with a minimal click approach, users can be trained on the CBX 911 system in minutes.
Fastest Time to Market 
With the CBX 911 Gold Standard days of building and configuring equipment are a thing of the past
The CBX 911 Gold Standard allows the building and configuration of the solution to occur in hours opposed to day. With the Gold Standard, it is as easy as 1,2,3 to build and deploy a new solution in as little asj thirdy (30) minutes. 
Support has never been better
CBX 911 architecture lends itself to the easiest system to support
The CBX 911 Phone system was developed and designed using today's advanced network technologies on top of enterprise mission critical hardware. With CBX 911 call taking solutions customers will enjoy having the best support by those who build and designed the system. This benefit combined with Dell Mission Critical on-site support customers have the comfort even in the worse possible situations they will be taken care of. Tier 1 support is always given to each and every support call to insure the right person can address your immediate needs.
Integrated Backup Voice Recorder
Included with ever install is CBX 911 is a Server Side backup voice recorder solution 
The CBX 911 incorporates a server side backup voice recorder solution that is configured to store a defined number of days of voice recordings.  By incorporating this feature into the CBX 911 solution customers can sleep comfortably knowing that in the event of a voice logger failure a backup of recordings is maintained. 
Customizable Call Routing
CBX 911 Call Routing is the most comprehensive Call Management tool available
With CBX 911 Advanced Call Routing, PSAPs can manage their inbound, and outbound call routing to support their call management needs. With Call Routing inbound calls are identified using a rule based approach. In such instances when call volumes are large, the Call routing management rules will provide a means of managing and the routing of non-emergency calls. This powerful feature is used in a variety of capacities depending upon the specific needs of each location.

CBX Building & Gates Security Module
CBX  911 Building & Gate Module 
With the CBX 911 NG Phone solution additional applications like building security systems are included in our solution. Because the CBX 911 Phone solution is a SIP centric, SIP integration among a wide ranges of applications is easily achieved, especially with security applications.
Diversify each Install
The CBX 9-1-1 Phone Solution was designed to all the entire install to be split and install in multiple locations
The CBX 911 IP Phone system is a fully featured IP PBX solution which supports, auto-attendants, voice mail, text to email, video, texting and much more. As a fully featured IP PBX the solution is able to manage 1000's of simaltaneous calls. With each install the system is composed of two separate IP PBX solutions housed on two or more servers creating the highest degree of fault tolerance within the appliance. which provides an additional layer of redundancy with every install.In addition, CBX 911 customers have the ability to share their install with another county and vice versa. By simply splitting apart the primary install and installing one server in the primary PSAP while the other server is installed at the secondary PSAP or remote locations. PSAP agencies in and across bordering counties are able to create COOP plans with options that are not available with any other phone solution.
Mission Critical Support
With each install customers enjoy knowing that the equipment is serviced Mission Critical Support
With each install customers enjoy knowing that the equipment installed is serviced by a two (2) hour Service Level Agreement via our onsite support package which is included in every system. The CBX 911 solution only deploys premier Dell Servers, Workstations, and Monitors
Always Connected
With CBX 911 each station is "Always" connected to both the primary and secondary phone systems
The CBX 911 Call platform is the only solution that provides real time connections to the primary and backup phone systems. By connecting to each system, the CBX 911 Phone solution is able to guarantee an “Always” connected environment for each station and phone even in the event of a failure of either phone systems. The CBX 911 architecture ensures the desk phones at each station are connected independently to provide additional levels of redundancy. This makes the CBX 911 NG Phone solution unique in providing multiple levels of redundancy
Customizable User Interface
Each user has an individual user specific profile that allow the users to customize, fonts, colors, locations and much more
CBX 911 follows and adheres to NENA requirements by continuing to provide users with the ability to customize their interface to meet there specific needs. By allowing users to customize their user interface specific to their personal needs and requirements. By changing the colors, fonts, location or size of the interface components, users are able to create the environment that works best for them. 
Right Click on Speed Dial
This feature allows users to quickly find associated numbers tied to primary number
This CBX 911 Phone solution feature is designed to allow administrators to associate additional numbers with each speed dial component. With a simple right click users are immediately in touch with associated numbers tied to that speed dial number. We designed our solution to be efficient and will continue to add features that mitigate additional clicks and searches.
Customize your Auto-Attendant
With the CBX 911 Administrative phone system customers have the ability to create auto-attendants that meet their needs
With the CBX 911 Administrative phone system, customers have the ability to create auto-attendant feature that meet their operational needs  
Wireless, Wireline, and VOIP Premise Notes
Create Premise Notes for Every Call
CBX 911 users are able to create a premise notes on any inbound call albeit wireless, VOIP, or wireline. This feature allows users to add, edit, or view premise notes associated with every inbound call. This ability will give the PSAP globally more information on the caller and will provide added understanding and communication.
Visual ALI Display
View the last 20 calls received on every station in real time as they arrive
Visual ALI Display is a real-time grid that presents an update of the last 20 calls received including the location, date, time, position answered, and duration of the call.
CBX Backup Voice Recorder
CBX 911 has an integrated a “server side” backup voice recorder
In the past customers have suffered by losing vital information by failures via voice recording. With the CBX 911 phone solution, PSAPs have the option to use the CBX 911 Voice Recorder Backup solution to save a secondary copy of all voice transactions for a defined time frame.
Customized MIS Reports
CBX works with new customers to build the reports that fit your needs
 Understanding that every PSAP MIS (Management Information System) needs are different and canned reports often do not meet the unique needs of a PSAP. Therefore, we will provide customizable reports to meet your specific report requirements.
Geo Resourcing
CBX products allow members of the Public Safety to share resources reducing costs and overhead
Today, CBX 911 Mobile customers are utilizing the Mobile 911 product by sharing resources to reduce costs. Some counties for example are sharing personnel by allowing a 911 Dispatcher to work at the city’s Police Department while continuing to answer/dispatch 911 calls for their primary location.   
Administrative SIP Phones
Select from any SIP phone that fits your needs 
 With the CBX 911 Call Taking platform, PSAPs are able to select a variety of 911 & Administrative phones that meet specific requirements. The CBX 911 Phone solution is SIP centric and therefore agnostic to any desired SIP phone that a PSAP agency desires. This flexibility allows the PSAP to utilize different phone locations to better mitigate any gap in service to the civilian. We can distribute phones for example in EMS ambulance bays, bathrooms, or provide phones in any strategic area – any deployment of phone and phone location is available.
CBX 911 provides a wide range of Mobility options and features
With CBX 911 customers have mobility options. Whether you would like to have a Mobile Position at a remote location or an added desktop position located off site, the CBX 911 solution has this capability. With CBX 911 we help you define your mobility needs and it will not be price prohibitive to do so.
Virtualized Environments
CBX 911 utilizes virtualization to provide a varies deployment configurations and levels of fault tolerance
CBX 911 utilizes Virtualization to provide a wide range of benefits and abilities. With virtualization, CBX 911 is able to provide a wide range of redundancy and fault tolerance while providing remote application abilities and much more. 
Management Executive Dashboard
CBX 911 solution provides Directors or Key Personnel with an executive dashboard which provides a global real-time view into their PSAP environment
The CBX Management Executive Dashboard is secure application that provides Key Personnel with a real-time view of the PSAP Call Taking environment. The real-time view consists of ongoing or completed calls accompanied by the ALI information, location, date, time, and much more. In addition, the dashboard provides real-time updates on a variety of demographics including call volumes broken out by call types for the day, month, and year.
ACD Ready
CBX 911 includes ACD with every install
With CBX 911 ever install provides customers with an ACD option. 
Integrated TTY
CBX 911 Provides each station with integrated TTY Solution
CBX 911 work stations include  IP TTY solution with every install. 
IRR (Instant Recall Recorder)
CBX 911 includes Instant Recall Recorder to allow users to quickly review voice recordings
The CBX 911 IRR is an instant recall recorder that is customized to meet the PSAPs needs. With the CPX 911 solution each all 911 calls are associated with the user. With the click of a button users can review any of the last defined number of calls that they received.
Health Reports
CBX 911 Solution has a scheduled Health Reporting component 
With the CBX 911 system, PSAP key personnel are able to get daily, weekly or monthly system reports detailing the Health of their system.
Universal Headset (AUI) Box
The CBX 911 Universal Headset Box allows for plug and play integration for phone/radio headsets
The CBX 911 universal headset box is a plug and play solution that easily integrates the phone and radio solutions. With this solution, customers are able to use the headset solution to manage both the phone and radio transmissions